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Dyslexia Awareness
Helping each other



Welcome to Dyslexia365

 Very happy to have you here to read more about people with dyslexia. Being dyslexic myself! You may be asking why dyslexia365 ? Dyslexia is not something that comes and goes. Its everyday! 365 days a year. This website is for information that I have found to be helpful. To help people with Dyslexia or people who may know others with dyslexia. I don't claim to be a doctor of any kind. Just my option on tricks and tips that I have found that work for myself and to share with others.The goal is to bring a lot more awareness to others. And with your help we can and will achieve that on a global scale. Let's shine the light together and move forward. Please send in your comments, suggestions, and if you would like to share your Dyslexia story on podcast. Please visit the comment page. 


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